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Full-time, remote position. Must have one to three yrs' exp. Google Analytics skills required. Candidate will quickly synthesize information and provide a point of view. If help is needed, it is of great importance to get excellent content writers, as this makes the content manager's job much easier. Will be coordinating with content creators and editing texts viewed by players. Temporary and contract job. Making changes or implementing new developments usually has the content manager working closely with the company's technical team. Must have one to two yrs' writing exp. A bachelor's degree is preferred. Other duties may include identifying new content opportunities, exploring ways to repurpose existing content throughout the site, monitoring website traffic, responding to website feedback, and implementing changes to the site's layout and content based on website analytics and usability testing.

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Work from Home Web Content Manager

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Work from Home Web Content Manager Job in Remote Working | GRB Must have two years of content or proposal management experience.

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Web Content Manager Jobs, Employment in Work At Home |

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  1. Content Marketing Manager at Animalz
  2. Candidate will quickly synthesize information and provide a point of view.

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  • Must be fluent in Italian and English.
  • Will manage website updates that support major campaigns and partner with analytics and UX teams.
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Web Content Manager Jobs, Employment in Work From Home |

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