What Is a Stock Option?

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You receive a stock option as part of your compensation package as a new employee at your company. Until the match is fully vested, you cannot take the entire match with you. Was this document helpful? You may receive a residual amount in cash. By Richard Harroch In: To prevent giving employees an implied promise of employment, the plan should clearly state that the grant of stock options does not guarantee any employee a continued relationship with the company. Number of options granted to an employee: With stock options, employees become owners.
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Employee Stock Options: Core Aspects To Know

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How does a stock option work?

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  • Some plans, such as those that use cliff vesting, require that employees become fully vested to receive any of their benefits.
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Understanding Your Employee Stock Options

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History of trading options

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Just as you can't exercise your options before they vest, you can't exercise them after they expire either, which is pretty much what it sounds like.

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