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Northern ireland biodiversity strategy 2019. Country-level biodiversity and strategies

Action to reduce emissions at home Many people are unaware that emissions in the home increase personal exposure to pollutants and contribute significantly to our overall national emissions. The Association currently has 34 members in 23 European countries. This will include an up to date legislative framework for tackling air pollution at national and local level, tying this into the development of the new environmental principles and governance framework to be outlined in the Environment Bill. We will consider closing the regulatory gap between the current Ecodesign and medium combustion plant regulations to tackle emissions from work at home businesses for moms in the kW to 1MW thermal input range. There are currently 65 U. Develop an effective management framework that ensures biodiversity is taken into account in wider decision making. The rate of habitat and biodiversity loss has slowed and protection has increased with overhectares declared as Areas of Special Scientific Interest. We will work with international partners to research and develop new standards for tyres and brakes to enable us to address toxic non-exhaust particulate emissions from vehicles which northern ireland biodiversity strategy 2019 micro plastics and can pollute air and water.

Chapter 1: Understanding the problem

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  • The UK has set stringent targets to cut emissions by and
  • The Association currently has 34 members in 23 European countries.

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We will work with international partners to research and develop new standards for tyres and brakes to enable us to address toxic non-exhaust particulate emissions from vehicles which include micro plastics and can pollute air and water.

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Country-level biodiversity and strategies

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Northern Ireland Forest Service (DAERA) welcomes European state forestry organisations

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The rate of habitat and biodiversity loss has slowed and protection has increased with overhectares declared as Areas of Special Scientific Interest. By the springthe rail industry will produce recommendations and a route map to phase out diesel-only trains by

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Biodiversity | Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

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Policy Hub - Biodiversity | Northern Ireland Environment Link

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