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Luckily, there are simpler approaches to trading and we are going to explore one of them right now. Surely, some strategies do fail, but what is important is that you continue to learn and explore. Trading strategies without indicators was last modified: If you can trade with this method, then adding on a few key indicators can massively improve your trading. Do the same with your daily and hourly timesheet. When the market pushes to a new high, that is significant. I focus on giving you ways to trade without indicators, and simply analyzing your charts. What often happens to many newer traders is that they solely rely or try to rely on one or two indicators no indicators trading strategy two dozens of them. If you are trading a market that is extremely thin, it can jump through, and around levels of resistance and support. But, of course, only if you have sufficient experience with that particular tool. Step 3! In my personal opinion, every trader should learn how to trade without indicators at some point.

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