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Companies that provide specific services related to construction but are not responsible for full projects. Companies that provide various business services to their clients including advertising, auctions, business consulting, commercial cleaning, legal, public relations, repair and maintenance, security, translation and interpretation, work from home jobs while in college, survey and statistics, technical and scientific research, fairs and exhibitions, parking facility management. Discover Refinitiv Financial. Companies that organize shows or displays for the purpose of trade or for promoting industrial, agricultural, scientific, charitable, learning, craft, cultural, social, religious, or other activities. Companies that specialize in performing business, consumer, environmental, and other activities for companies, households, or individuals in exchange for fees; and associations that promote the interests penipuan skim forex their members including business and non-business associations or groups. Companies that own short-term accommodation facilities for travelers, vacationers, and other customersincluding economy hotels, extended stay and business suites, mid-priced hotels and motels, resorts, as well as upscale and luxury hotels.

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Heirs of Bader Ahmed Al-Kharafi General Trading & Contracting Establishment

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Al-Kharafi Global General Trading & Contracting Co.

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Al Kulaib Technical General Trading & Contracting Company

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||| WELCOME TO KHARAFI NATIONAL ||| Companies that develop and own commercial and residential real estate properties for sale or rent.

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Mohammed Abdulmohsin Al-Kharafi & Sons Company (MAK Group) - Company Details on ZAWYA MENA Edition

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