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How does alexa work at home. Appliance Science: Alexa, how does Alexa work? The science of the Amazon Echo - CNET

If you already have some Alexa-compatible devices or one of the three major smart-home hubs SmartThings, Wink, or Insteonadding an Echo can make accessing those devices more interesting and convenient. Now approaching its fourth year, the Echo and its multiple offshoots, including the mini-sized Echo Dot and the touchscreen-equipped Echo Showhow does alexa work at home found their way into millions of homes around the world. Click here to learn more about calling landlines and mobile numbers using Alexa. But, did you know Alexa can also be a powerful tool in setting up your smart home? She'll also set a recurring alarm if you want to use your Echo as an alarm clock. If your internet connection is slow or isn't working, Alexa won't be available, and your Echo will be useless.

So, Alexa is always listening to me?

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Amazon Echo range

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How to Setup and Use Alexa

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How to Get Started With an Alexa Smart Home

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​Amazon Alexa ultimate guide: How to set up and use your Echo speaker

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- Plus: what else you should do during your first day with Amazon Echo and Alexa

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