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Then it began climbing into the next day, reaching a high of 1. Smoother price action due to the enormous liquidity of the market offers traders a better context in which to apply this method and isolate better opportunities. Once this behavior is identified, prices then break the trend line connecting the first and second lows and start to decline further. The pattern is confirmed when the price breaks the lower right side of the pattern. In this case it was 66 pips. The image illustrates a diamond bottom pattern black figurewhich reverses the bearish price move. If the stock is known to be more volatile, use a bigger VWMA. The two blue arrows on the chart measure and apply hh forex size of the diamond as a minimum target of our trade. However, it could easily be mistaken for a head and shoulders pattern.

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  • Since this is a reversal pattern, one of the best indicators to use for a confirmation is the Stochastic oscillator.
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Interpretation of Forex Diamond

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  • It gets its name from the fact that the pattern bears a striking resemblance to a four-sided diamond.
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  • These diamond patterns are reversal patterns, and their appearance at the extremes of the trend signal a market turning point or reversal.

Diamond Bottom Survey When tips break diamond forex pattern of the suitable trend lines, the top is designed to be successful. Clear Top Felt One of the simplest ways to identify these patterns are that they are written either at the top of the actual or at the bottom of the average.

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  2. Figure 3:
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  5. If the stock is known to be more volatile, use a bigger VWMA.

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Diamond Tops & Diamond Bottoms Chart Pattern

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