Paying CEOs with stock options doesn't drive their business strategy: research

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Best Choice for Senior Executives in High Growth and Turnaround Situations In the high growth and turnaround situations, the much better choice is to get all or a significant part of your equity structured as restricted stock. Many firms decided to significantly reduce or at the extreme no longer grant stock options. If the CEO drives up the underlying stock price, the options award will be worth more. In the latter, the value is fixed over a two- to three-year period. Typically, the CEO or senior executive receives a loan from the company to help pay his or her taxes. At the same time, ceo compensation stock options are also worth nothing on issuance.

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Adelson, Esq.

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Introduction to Executive Compensation

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As a way of combating this short-term thinking, variable components of salary packages were increased. Townsend of Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business, produces empirical evidence that ties stock-options grants to executives' risk-taking and increased leverage.

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