Transatlantic slave trade

Atlantic trading system. The structure of the Atlantic slave trade in the 19thcentury : an assessment - Persée

Other triangular how you can make money online edit ] The term "triangular trade" also refers to a variety of other trades. Whatever the African impact of the Atlantic trade, it was at its greatest in West Africa, which supplied the largest number of captives, although at the height of the trade many other parts of Africa were also used as a source for slaves. This typically involved exporting raw resources, such as fish especially salt codagricultural produce or lumberfrom British North American colonies to slaves and planters in the West Indies ; sugar and molasses from the Caribbean; and various manufactured commodities from Great Britain. While the Portuguese traded slaves themselves, the Triangular empire relied trade the asiento north, awarding merchants mostly from other countries system license to trade slaves to their colonies. In the 17th century, however, demand for slave labour rose sharply with the growth of sugar plantations in the Caribbean and tobacco plantations in the Chesapeake region in North America. Slave Mortality in the Middle Passage [link] Graph 9:

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The structure of the Atlantic slave trade in the 19thcentury : an assessment - Persée

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The structure of the Atlantic slave trade in the 19thcentury : an assessment

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Riches & Misery: The Consequences Of The Atlantic Slave Trade - OpenLearn - Open University It defines the African origins and American destinations of the forced African migration, the manner of carrying the slaves across the Atlantic, and their experience of transit mortality.

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Social Transformations and Intercultural Dialogue

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Atlantic Trading System Definition - Atlantic slave trade

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Riches & Misery: The Consequences Of The Atlantic Slave Trade

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Transatlantic slave trade

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